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100 Word Challenge-Black, Flamingo, Extraordinary, Poked, Underneath

on August 24, 2016

The sky had turned black and the sea was being sucked up by the extraordinary wave like a sponge. I dashed up the beach ¬†towards the cliff lengthening my strides with my flamingo like legs. I shimmered up the wall of rock when a sharp stab of pain pulsed through my left limb. I looked down and saw a jagged piece of rock which had poked me underneath my knee-cap. My heart was racing I was only a few meters away from the top of the cliff, when I heard the¬†deafening crash of the tsunami surging behind me…

One Response to “100 Word Challenge-Black, Flamingo, Extraordinary, Poked, Underneath”

  1. Avril Dalton says:

    Taylor, that’s a fantastic piece of writing. You’ve used brilliant adjectives to tell a superb story. Tsunami’s sound terrifying and yours certainly confirm that!

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